How to Be a Leader

As the old saying goes, there are leaders and there are followers. That’s not exactly true, though. People cannot be polarized so easily as being 100% one or the either. However, it is certainly true that some people identify more as leaders while others identify more as followers. But even those who are not prone to leadership may find it thrust upon them at some point. Alternatively, they may simply want to become more of a leader in their personal and/or professional lives. To that end, it is certainly possible for those of us who are not natural-born leaders to model ourselves after those who are. A recent article in Advance defines a leader as having the following characteristics:

  • Technical and professional competence,
  • Interpersonal skills and charisma,
  • Professional reputation,
  • Executive presence, and
  • Persuasiveness

For those of you who may not currently identify as leaders, the article goes on to offer several suggestions for enhancing each of these attributes.

Source: Advance