Employee Satisfaction Among Evergreen Rehabilitation Therapists

Employee Satisfaction

"At Evergreen, it is the personal interest in each person we come in contact with that makes us different. It is the challenge we give not just to our patients...

Barbara ReedChief Operating Officer

Evergreen has the desire to cultivate a nurturing, fun and supportive environment for all employees. We could not consistently achieve and exceed our goal of significantly improving the lives of those in our care without a dedicated team of professional, positive and satisfied employees. We always want to better understand what we can do to maintain and improve job satisfaction. Calibrating and gauging our effectiveness through a satisfaction survey is an ongoing effort in our organization. We believe a satisfied employee will want to come to work every day with the motivation and drive to provide outstanding resident and patient care.

Below you will find the results of our satisfaction survey.

While we are proud to say that the results are encouraging, there are also areas where we can and will improve. We take these responses from our employees very seriously and use this information to assure that we are doing all we can do to help our team thrive.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Total: Agree Total: Agree or Neutral
I have been educated concerning Medicare to the point that I feel comfortable that I can perform my duties in compliance 1% 1% 15% 44% 40% 84% 99%
I view my documentation review as a learning experience 5% 4% 14% 43% 34% 77% 91%
I have been provided with the education I need to perform my job responsibilities 2% 2% 7% 43% 45% 88% 95%
I believe my Regional is concerned about me as an individual 2% 4% 16% 38% 41% 79% 95%
I am comfortable expressing my concerns - 2% 15% 45% 38% 83% 98%
When there is a disagreement I am treated with respect and professional courtesy 1% 1% 22% 39% 36% 75% 97%
Evergreen is a company that understands the pressures and job demands of a therapist 2% 14% 20% 28% 36% 64% 84%
I basically enjoy my job 2% 1% 17% 42% 39% 81% 98%
I think my opinion matters -% -% 7% 42% 51% 93% 100%
My questions are answered in a timely manner 5% 6% 22% 33% 34% 67% 89%
I enjoy working for Evergreen Rehabilitation -% -% 12% 41% 47% 88% 100%