Rehabilitation Therapy Services Improve Lives

What We Do

Evergreen Rehabilitation is a fully accredited provider of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. We offer rehab programs to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and also full-service retirement communities that provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapy.

Our Core Competencies

Evergreen has many core competencies, but our primary role is the daily management and delivery of rehabilitation services at facilities that offer skilled therapy treatment to the senior population, i.e. nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), assisted living facilities (ALF), and continuing care retirement communities (CCRC). We provide a continuum of care throughout the inpatient stay and beyond to the outpatient setting to meet the needs of our short-stay rehab and long-term care residents.

We oversee all aspects of therapy delivery:

  • Our professional teams work closely with facility staff to ensure that necessary and appropriate therapeutic treatment is administered in a timely manner for maximum efficacy.
  • Evergreen therapists work with all patients as unique individuals, helping them achieve their recovery goals. We consider the whole person – physical, mental, and spiritual – in all decisions.